Shane Brennan

shaneShane Brennan’s dynamic blend of entrepreneurial spirit, ambition and acute knowledge of the nightlife, restaurant, and entertainment industry has propelled him to the top of some of San Diego’s most successful entertainment properties as the Director of Guest Relations for Enlightened Hospitality Group.

As a recognized and respected individual in the nightlife, restaurant, and entertainment industry, Brennan is committed to innovating and staying ahead and ahead of the curve in an industry that is constantly evolving.

Brennan first made his mark on the nightlife industry in 2005, with the launch of Stingaree, arguably San Diego’s hottest nightclub to date, where he held the position of VIP Manager. Entrenched in the nightlife culture throughout the country and developing personal relationships with VIP clients and party-goers alike, Brennan truly cultivated his role as VIP Manager into an essential part of the operations of Stingaree. With his remarkable ability to conceptualize events and promotions, paired with his unique insight into patrons’ state of mind, Shane Brennan was named Managing Partner in late 2009.

With the opening of EHGRP’s two wildly successful restaurants, Searsucker in 2010 and Herringbone in 2012, Brennan parleyed his experience and success at Stingaree into a platform by which to play an expanded role within the company as the Director of Guest Relations.

Continuing to develop turnkey relationships with key clientele and working directly with in-house operations teams to ensure all guests enjoy standout experiences, he has expanded his role within Enlightened Hospitality Group to an integral position, driving the bottom line of all properties. Essentially becoming the face of EHGRP, Brennan combines his savvy business knowledge with his sincere connectedness and personal relationships to implement the excellent guest experiences for which Stingaree, Searsucker and Herringbone are famous.

Chad White

A local San Diego favorite with an eye toward producing eclectic urban style & Baja influenced food, unlimited in scope or boundary. Chad’s wild creativity, authentic sense of flavor and style and organic fearlessness drive his kitchen, pushing expectations and boundaries for guest and staff alike, always able to bend definitions of gastro bar/bistro favorites, staying rigidly true to using only local and sustainable goods, White puts out a changeable menu, both in regard to season, as well as daily availability. Each days’ start finds him at the dock’s or farmers market combing local offering from the sea for a seafood of the day often plumbing the nearly unfathomable depths of his creative engine to deliver a chef’s special in addition, giving life to what he has fashioned into his own indelible signature: food outside the bounds, flavor beyond expectation, with delight all but guaranteed.

White began cooking, and exploring his own need for adventure and discovery in food in the U.S. Navy in 2002. After leaving the Navy and looking for opportunities to grow and explore further, he became a Chef de Partie at Prince of Wales & 1500 Ocean at the Hotel Del Coronado, then Executive Chef of the Doubletree by Hilton Golf Resort San Diego before joining Roseville, an acclaimed upscale Mediterranean-French brasserie in Point Loma.

Chef Chad opened his own Catering company Ego Culinary Trends creating menus for signature events in and out of San Diego such as the Sundance Film festival. White served as Executive Chef / Owner Sea Rocket Bistro in North Park, where he made his mark in San Diego as the “Seafood Maverick” among some of the cities best chefs. Chef Chad launched Plancha a unique Pop Up traversing restaurant celebrating his travels in baja, cooking, hunting and fishing with his south of the border amigos. Now his newest ventures include La Justina on Avenida Revolucion Tijuana, B.C. Now White brings his love for baja stateside to create Común Kitchen and Tavern. Común a neighborhood eatery where Chef Chad blends Baja comfort food with his eclectic style and borderless creativity.

Gloria Muriel

Gloria combines fine art surrealism with the scale of street art to give Común a healing presence. Her work depicts beatific visions of animal and ethereal being; with painted acrylic, brushed metal and reclaimed wood—nature is brought into harmony with the hard edges of industry.