Find Your One-Piece Swimsuit For The Summer

Byron Harrison | Fashion | , ,

Just a few years ago, one-piece swimsuits were seen as old-fashioned, bland and boring, and even reminiscent of old beauty pageants. Two-piece bikinis quickly dominated the scene and with each passing year, the styles got more risqué and the material got smaller. However, a sudden shift has now caused history to repeat itself – with a fashionable vengeance.

Swimsuit designers are creating one-piece styles that are not only sexy but allow you to show off your best assets while minimizing problem areas. Needless to say, most bikinis can’t offer that kind of support. Regardless of what body type you have or what flaws you want to hide, chances are there’s a one-piece swimsuit out there made just for you.

One-piece swimsuits are ideal for drawing attention to your chest, legs, and backside and away from the stomach area – the most common problem area for many women. Curves can be enhanced, making this style suitable for women with the following body types: pear, hourglass, round and apple. Women with large busts can also benefit from wearing a one-piece since this style is perfect for offering support through built-in underwire bras or coverage through various styles and cuts. Two-pieces tend to offer little to no support for large busts, causing a number of problems from sagging, to thin straps biting into the skin of your shoulders. On the flip side, women with small busts can choose one-piece styles that come with extra padding (some even offer removable pads), and built-in bras to enhance your cleavage.

The traditional one-piece swimsuit is very basic and often sports a scoop neck or V-neck, as well as an open back. This style is ideal for just about any body type, with the exception of those with an athletic, less curvy body type. If this describes you, opt for a one-piece style that has the material cut out of the sides as well as a French cut bottom to create the illusion of curves. Halter style one-pieces are ideal for women with medium to large busts or narrow shoulders. This style also has the ability to add support and lift for the bust area, while leaving your back bare so if you have a sexy back, this is the style for you. Suffer from stomach pouch? Then you may want to look into a surplice one-piece. This type of bathing suit has a separate piece of fabric that drapes across the bust area and blends into the midsection. This style is great for slimming the stomach area.

Petite women and those proud of their curves will love the bandeau style one-piece bathing suit. This strapless swimsuit shows off the entire décolletage area and can make any torso look fabulous. Need to draw attention anywhere but the junk in your trunk and/or your thighs? Then you can find relief in either a swim dress one-piece or a boy leg one-piece. As the name implies, swim dress styles come with a skirt that provides just the right amount of coverage for your bottom half, while the boy leg one-piece covers the upper thighs and is styled like bike shorts. This style is ideal for controlling thunder thighs so you can feel free to run along the beach without worry.