Find The Sundress For Your Figure

Byron Harrison | Fashion | ,

Sundresses are one of the most fun and flirty articles of clothing that women love to break out and show off during the summer months. But not all sundresses are created equal. These days there is an even wider selection of styles, colors, and designs to choose from. Any woman looking to spruce up her wardrobe this summer will definitely want to purchase a handful of sundresses. However, it is important to think about your unique body shape when shopping.

There are a number of factors that go into buying the right sundress for a woman. Her body shape is going to be one of the most important, even over the price. What good is spending a lot of money on a fabulous designer sundress if it doesn’t flatter your figure? Below are some basic guidelines women of all shapes and sizes can use for reference the next time they decide to head to the dressing room:

Full Figured:

Women with a body shape that is full figured (both tall and short in height) will want to opt for sundresses that have an A-line or corset type bodice, which are great styles for support while still being comfortable. To bring attention to your curves in a good way, look for styles with detailed hemlines, which will create flattering lines and play up your good parts while downplaying the areas you don’t care to show off. Full figured women with full busts should look into halter style sundresses and if you aren’t into promoting cleavage, those with modest V-necks will give you the results you’re looking for. The key is to create the balance between your top and bottom but still give the appearance of a slimmer waistline.

Hourglass Figure:

Tall and short women with an hourglass figure will enjoy wearing sundresses that not only bring attention to the right places but also help emphasize certain parts of the body. This can be accomplished with sheath styles that are embellished or plain, which are very flattering for showing off a tiny waist. Tall, hourglass figures can also look into A-line and ball gown styles, as well as sundresses with a cinched waist. Shorter, hourglass figures will want to avoid the A-line.

Slender/Thin Figure:

Sometimes lacking curves can make shopping for a sundress challenging. However, women with slender figures have the ability to create the illusion of curves by going for empire style sundresses, which come with a detailed waist, making it perfect for bringing attention to the waist in a flattering way. Tall, slender women can use patterns to distract from their thin frame. Showing a little bit of skin in the right places is also ideal for creating the illusion of curves. Look for plunging V-necks, a high slit or open/cutout back to add the right touch of sexiness. Shorter women that are slender will want to stick to shorter sundresses, to bring attention to the legs and give off the illusion of added height. Going for sundresses that are too long will only make you look like you’re lost in the fabric. Like taller women, shorter gals with slender figures can benefit from empire waists or A-line styles.

Broad Shoulders:

This is perhaps one of the more challenging body shapes/characteristics to work with. Women with broad shoulders will want to look at sundresses with great necklines and strapless or halter styles, which actually accentuate the shoulders in a good way. Pair it with a fitted bodice style and you’ll be good to go. Make sure to avoid scoop neck styles, which will only enhance your shoulders.

Whether you’re looking for a party dress, a prom gown, your wedding dress or something fabulous for a weekend getaway, finding the perfect dress that compliments your figure is like finding gold.

If you start your shopping excursion with an informed mind instead of a certain dress in mind.