Find Fab Nail Colors For The Holiday Season

Byron Harrison | Nail Care | ,

It’s easy to find out what colors are “in” in terms of makeup. With all the shades of eye shadow, lipstick, eyeliner and blush, you can’t go wrong. But what about your nails? There are “in” and “out” colors for your fingernails and toenails as well. With the holiday season well underway, it’s time to find out how to be in the know when it comes to what’s hot in the world of nail colors.

This holiday season, it’s all about customization. Layering allows you to create a nail color that is all your own. Spice up your nails by adding a layer of a solid colored base coat and then top it off with a glittery top coat. You may not even need to go out and buy new nail polish since it’s likely that you already have a solid base color and a glittery top coat in your nail polish collection. Now you can sport a new look and save money at the same time! Or for something totally different, play around with layering different solid base colors. Try taking one shade of nail color and apply it to the nail, followed by a second solid base color, but instead of applying it directly over the first color, simply paint a single line straight down the middle of your nail from cuticle to tip for a stripy style. Your nails will be unique for sure!

If you like the idea of matching your nail color to suit the holiday season, Christmas is a great time to be inspired. Remix the typical French manicure by cutting up a candy cane into tiny pieces – but not so tiny that they become granulated – and sprinkle the tips of your nails with the candy cane pieces after you’ve applied your clear topcoat finish. The topcoat of polish should be just sticky enough to hold the candy cane in place. Once your nails are dry, you’ll have a new look to show off.

Another trend that has been spotted this year actually dates back to the 1940s
Hollywood starlets and involves matching the color of your lipstick to your nail polish. Now you can easily transform into a glamour diva with sophistication and style when you step out onto the scene this holiday season. From luscious reds and browns to pinks, corals, and plums, your lips and nails will stand out of the crowd. When attempting this look, always remember to pick the shade of lip and nail color that best suits your skin tone, as well as the outfit you plan to wear.

Not really the type to go for color on your nails? No problem! As much as nail colors are “in” this holiday season, the nude/natural look still remains a popular favorite no matter the time of year. Nude shades also go well with this coming holiday season, as many of these types of nail colors tend to create a glow from within, making for a very natural, yet ethereal appearance. Look for nude shades with a touch of gold for a warm color that’ll look great from the New Year season all the way to the beginning of spring.

Regardless of what type of nail color you sport this holiday season, always remember to apply clear coat to prevent chipping and preserve shine, wear gloves when doing activities such as washing dishes or gardening and for the natural nail gals, be sure to file, buff and moisturize your nails from cuticles to tips to keep them looking fresh all year-round.