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During pregnancy, different pairs have different wishes about intimate relationships, but often women have a greater desire and enjoyment in sex than before becoming pregnant. In the first trimester of pregnancy, desire for sex is especially prominent, because pregnant women are tired and exhausted from nausea and vomiting.

Breasts are very sensitive, sometimes have difficulty in the lower abdomen that is still common in the late third trimester, when the baby is already large, and this pain is stronger, which makes it difficult to intercourse. On the other hand, during second and third trimesters can lead to drastically increased sexual desire.

For your sexual needs, you must discuss with a partner, which can your lack of interest in sex to nonaddictive interpreted as a problem with him personally.On the other hand, however, it can happen the partner to be afraid to make love with you while you are pregnant. The lack of communication about how you feel, this time can make you suspect in his behavior.

Free and calmly talk about fears and desires for the various options and opportunities and sex poses, as well as alternative methods of satisfying oral sex or masturbation. Can a sex harm your baby? Problems related to sex during pregnancy may arise from the fears and the pregnant woman and her partner in a mostly doubts about whether sex can hurt the fetus or cause premature labor or bleeding. takes a lot of love and understanding to overcome such problems, it is essential to understand that if it is a normal pregnancy or pregnancy with a low level of risk, then sex is not forbidden.

He should be a normal activity in which both partners enjoy, the understanding of the limitations that come along with growing belly and the baby.The penis can not hurt the baby because it is well protected in the womb is filled with amniotic fluid and lining located in the cervix prevents bacteria and sperm to enter the uterus. However, avoid deep penetration that cause pain because they can make problem to inflict damage and penetration by foreign objects.

Sex should be avoided if there is a risk of premature birth, an incompetent cervix or a problem with the placenta as low mats or previous bleeding in pregnancy. In short, it is a list that has the most to pay attention, and if you fall into any of these high-risk groups, then you can make love until the end of the third quarter.

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A tip concerning the orgasm is that when experiencing orgasm come to expect mild uterine contractions are normal and should not worry you unless contractions continue in relationships or accompanied the bleeding, then you must consult your doctor.

What positions are most acceptable?

A short and simple – what you both like is permitted. Early pregnancy can make love as before, and can be a partner from above, but it is becoming more difficult with the pregnancy when it is best to try other alternative methods of meeting.When the pregnant woman is above This position best suits throughout the pregnancy, but in the third quarter will probably be easier to be in a kneeling position over your partner than to lie on it.

Where the partner lies on the side

Your partner lies on the side, and you’re on your back with your feet over it. This position allows you to see, no pressure on the stomach and allows for good foreplay.In this position, your partner is up, but not on you but joined hands. This position will suit you until your stomach is not too big.Sit down his partner’s lap, to see face to face. This position is excellent because it allows good penetration, but it is likely that you will long to apply. Kneel and fold on your knees and elbows until your partner penetrates from behind. In this way, there is no pressure on your pregnant belly, while a partner can fondle breasts and stimulate the clitoris.