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Byron Harrison | Healthy Living

A great health strategy is to make sure you are involved with physical exercise. You cannot have good physical health without exercise. The human body evolved through the ages with physical activity as an important element of survival. Now, we sit behind desks, watch TV, or are on our computers for hours. Research has shown that this is unhealthy, and can even cause serious illness. Some of the benefits of exercising are not physical, but mental.

Did you know that your physical health can affect your moods? How so? Exercising causes your body to produce Endorphins, also known as the “feel good hormone”.

Let’s take a look at the way physical exercise affects different aspects of your life:

Focus and Concentration: When you exercise, you cause the increase of Dopamine and Serotonin, which will calm you down, and lift your spirits. When you are in this positive state of mind, you will have better focus, and your attention span will be longer. Studies conducted with children having ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder, showed that after a brief period of exercise, their ability to pay attention was improved. Not only that, but the beneficial effect lasted for up to 4 hours.

Depression: For folks laboring under Depression, life can be a chore. For some, getting out of bed takes quite an effort. People living with depression report a general lack of energy, and joy of life. They complain of an inability to remember things, or concentrate. Clinical studies have shown that after only one good workout, they feel better.

These patients reported diminished feelings of anger, tiredness and being tense. Those who continued on an exercise regimen, were able to climb out of the depths of depression. This is a remarkable occurrence, considering it is an all natural way to combat the illness, and it works better than the drugs, while the only side effect is a better state of well being.

Anxiety: Anxiety is a health condition that is related to depression. Here, the feeling is of tenseness and worry. These individuals may also experience being jumpy and irritable. Along with these symptoms, folks with an anxiety disorder have reported finding it difficult to concentrate on tasks. Anxiety sufferers may be startled easily, have tension in their muscles, experience nausea, and have sleep issues.

Exercising regularly will alter their brain chemistry, with the same benefits as those with depression. As the Serotonin and Dopamine levels increase, these people feel more in control, and achieve a “calmness” that elevates their mood. If a person is stressed, it will be very difficult to deal with issues that can throw them into a panic.

Regular Exercise Is Good For Your Whole Being

Exercise will keep your body in shape by increasing your metabolic rate, and you will lose weight by burning calories, and build muscle at the same time. Many people are not aware of the fact that you will continue to burn calories after a workout, even when you are resting.