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Does Breast Augmentation Boost Your Self-esteem?

Byron Harrison | Breast Augmentation

Since its invention, breast augmentation or breast implants has been a controversial topic with both sides of opinion. Those who oppose it argue that the procedure sends an unhealthy message on body image and makes people question their self-worth and additionally it effects one’s health in terms of diseases such as breast cancer (though there is no evidence of a link between the disease and breast implants).

While on the other side, advocates consider that breast augmentation would help self-esteem issues and expand clothing options, not only that but it can correct your posture, providing a positive impact on your life.

It is also suggested by some that breast implants help to improve sex lives and therefore self-esteem. Studies have been conducted including Effect of Breast Augmentation Mammoplasty on Self-Esteem and Sexuality: A Quantitative Analysis (2007) which indicated post-surgery self-esteem levels have increased with a large number of women saying that breast augmentation had improved their self-esteem, self-image, sex lives and feelings about their sexuality. Some press releases have marketed breast augmentation as a solution to better sex – one had the tagline: who doesn’t want a better sex life?

Plastic surgery is not commonly seen as a way to boost psychological or medical health but with the opinions from patients, who had self-esteem issues, and the studies, plastic surgeons and other doctors should understand the psychological benefits of plastic surgery. In that way, they will understand a potential patient’s motives.

Dr. Kourosh Tavakoli, a Sydney-based plastic surgeon, advises that with research, pre-surgery consultation and time for decision-making, breast augmentation would effectively boost your confidence or meet your objectives. Additionally, Tavakoli suggests that plastic surgeons should assess who is right for the procedure and the patient should be confident in their decision. It will ensure that the procedure would run smoothly and reinforce the patient’s positive views on the end results.

Tavakoli has treated several patients with self-esteem issues, including parents who want to return to their pre-pregnancy form. Many reported that improvements opened up for them and recommended Tavakoli to others. Focusing on creating the implants as natural as possible and minimal scarring, and assessing the client before deciding to undergo the procedure are reasons for his successful operations.

According to, some surgeons say that plastic surgery may not solve all the patient’s self-esteem problems and should not be seen as the definite solution that cures everything. They assert the possibility of patients who will never happy with the results even after several procedures, and in fact those with more serious psychological problems should not be accepted to undergo any procedures. It is suggested that surgeons should keep an eye on types of behaviour or self-esteem levels.